Watch Over Me


My ancestors watch over me,

they are with me always.

My ancestors speak to me in my dreams,

they speak of love.

My ancestors sing to me in my dreams,

they sing of love

My ancestors hold me in my dreams,

they gently soothe.

My ancestors smile at me in my dreams,

they honour my gifts.

My ancestors bless me in my dreams,

they are blessing my visions.

My ancestors inspire me in my dreams,

they encourage my actions.

My ancestors watch over me,

they watch with love.

~ Bev Campbell, 2012


Carving – Raven – by Vincent Moon, Courtenay, BC

While eating my Sunday morning pancakes, I noticed a bird soaring beautifully behind my home.  I wondered what type it was.  Too big for a crow, too black for an eagle, raven maybe?  Later returning home from a busy and exhausting day, I was standing in the drive way when my eye caught the movement of a bird flying toward me.  It began to soar in a big circle, getting closer and closer as I looked on in wonder.  Then, with perfect precision he lowered himself to the lamp post at the end of the driveway, I could hear the scratching of his talons as he scrambled against the slippery metal and found his perch on the encasement that holds the light.  His story began, it was a haunting tale told as only a raven can.  In magical movements he lifted off, soared, returned then continued his story.  Obviously finished, without ceremony he left us with nothing but a haunting call as we contemplated the gift of his brief yet enchanting presence.  ~ Moonbeam



Moonbeam said…

Tonight there was a perigee moon, a great incentive to get out and watch the full moon rising.  With no planning I decided, a little late, to take off to the beach so I could see that beautiful moon over the water.  Without a thought I grabbed the dog, yelled cya later to the kid and headed off with my camera.  The moon was most spectacular as I drove toward my final destination and I could see it peeking above the tree tops, the colour was without doubt unusual and the size exaggerated as I was seeing it against the horizon.  I reached the spit and agian without thought jumped out of the car and headed down to the beach.  After some time on the beach I decided to try another of my favorite spots and headed to the marina, again without thought.  Kismet and I jumped out of the car, headed down the marina and walked and gazed at the moon.  I spoke to the couple of people I saw and again without thought meandered through the dark deserted park.  Really the whole thing was a non-event, just another normal outing with a moon brighter then usual.

I was almost home when the real wonder of it all hit me.  Surprisingly enough it wasn’t the moon. I thought of a friend living in another community, when it struck me. An entire series of wonders were necessary for that little adventure  to happen.  It all began with it being totally safe for me to leave my kid alone, without a thought.  Then for me to head to a possibly deserted beach after dark by myself, without a thought.  Next for me to head to a deserted park in the dark on my own, without a thought.  A single woman on her own, wandering around in the dark with a 12 lb dog and not a worry in the world.  No I am not a nutty risk taker, I am blessed and live with that kind of freedom everyday.  A freedom I will try to think about more often and appreciate.  A freedom that makes it  easy to see and experience the wonders.


Moonbeam said…

Coming “home”, and then I think, hmmmm…what is home?  17 definitions later I find:

Home: an environment offering affection and security

I think home is a feeling.  A person can have many homes, so contrary to the many definitions I found, it is not exclusively a building, place or where a person grew up.  I can, without searching the memory banks with vigor, think of 8 homes I have experienced.  Some of them have no building but I can find them when ever & where ever I find certain people with whom I am totally “at home”.  The rest are associated with buildings, however I assume that with the buildings gone the home would just relocate to where ever the people who used to inhabit the buildings went.

Related wonder walking in the door of my “home”, seeing the smile of welcome on the face of my son and of course the bouncy dog that was first to hear me and greet me before I could even get in the door.  Yup, I definately think that home is a feeling to be experienced, it requires no building, no money, and no stuff.  It requires only you and another to be accepting of each other just as you are and sometimes it doesn’t even require being in the same place.

“Home is just another word for you”

~Billy Joel

Tolerance vs Acceptance – brought forward from 2009

Thinking, thinking…time to write more soon.

Moonbeam said…

Tolerance &  Acceptance, for some reason I have been having an all out brawl in my brain regarding these two words lately.  I keep thinking that tolerance is not enough.  In 2006 I wrote; Tolerance. Tolerance is a social, cultural and religious term applied to the collective and individual practice of not persecuting those who may believe, behave or act in ways of which one may not approve. This can be a tough one as I get older I notice that my level of tolerance decreases towards those who do not practice tolerance.”

Next I ponder

Persecution: generally refers to any severe violation of human rights. In the refugee context, ‘persecution’ refers to any act by which fundamental rights are severely violated for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group

Intolerance: impatience with annoyances; “his intolerance of interruptions”, unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs

Where is the persecution in intolerance?  I guess my point is; if we are teaching tolerance in today’s world, using today’s language, literacy and expressions what are we teaching?  So far the answer I have gotten is that in reality, tolerating someone is putting up with their differences.  Hmmmm…so I am putting up with you having a difference.  How does that make me treat you?  I’m thinking not so good!  If I’m putting up with you I’m certainly not taking the time to know you, value you, accept you or maybe even love you.  In fact I think the easiest way to put up with you would be to spend as little time with you as possible so as to avoid ever getting tired of putting up with you.

Acceptance: in spirituality, mindfulness, and human psychology, usually refers to the experience of a situation without an intention to change that situation.  I’m liking that one “experience of the situation”, maybe taking the time to know you, value you, accept you and maybe even love you.

Time for the wonder…I had a version of this conversation with my son at age 13 and he agreed “it is much easier to give the finger to someone you are tolerating than to someone who you are accepting.”  I like it!

Joyfulness – brought forward from 2006

Appears I have a theme going this week so it seemed appropriate to bring this forward.

Joyfulness – the emotional state of being happy. The definition of happiness is one of the greatest philosophical quandaries. Proposed definitions include freedom from want and distress, consciousness of the good order of things, assurance of one’s place in the universe or society, inner peace, and so forth

When we practice joyfulness we acknowledge the joys of life and experience things to their fullest. Things do not have to be perfect for us to experience joy, even in the midst of great loss we can be joyful by choosing where we focus our energy.

Joyful Dance

Moonbeam said…

As I fussed with hair and makeup my attention became focused on a dance.  I continued to get ready but couldn’t help myself,  I looked over and over again.  It was impossible to ignore the dance behind our house.  It was a beautifully choreographed show.   A dozen, maybe even more, dragonflies testing their skills in an aerobatic routine.  They shone, glittered, flipped, hovered and turned at amazing speeds as I prepared myself to officiate a wedding on this beautiful day.

Magic II

Moonbeam said…

It is always an honor to officiate a wedding.  Recently  there was a beautiful ceremony that I had been particularly looking forward to.  As I prepared and checked my appearance the dragonfly I always wear around my neck caught my eye.  It was not appropriate for the occasion so I tucked it into my top to hide, but no. that didn’t look right either.  With great hesitation and a note to myself, that; the dragonfly is a symbol only,  it is not a big deal to part from it for a few hours,  I removed it and carefully hung it on my dresser.

The ceremony was magical, held in a mystical spot in the woods, a clearing creating a natural cathedral, the blue sky and puffy clouds the ceiling.  Seconds after the Bride and Groom arrived beside me I looked to the bride on my right and watched as the tiniest dragonfly landed with absolute grace and precision on the dainty shoulder strap of the brides gown.  I held my breath and my eyes welled as two amazing big eyes stared right at me, I took a deep breath to regain composure and gently let the stare end as I began the ceremony.  Magic!


Magic Forest

Moonbeam said…

Silently we crept through the deep woods. Unafraid of the stranger, the only danger felt the one brought on by our own imaginations.  In a secret whisper we shared the noises that made us jump, hearts beating faster, eyes wide.  Every turn brought with it a new wonder, a new joy, a new fear.  Each one discovered by innocent, untainted minds, each one magic.

Joy Sinks In

In despair, burning out, sad and lost in a sea of negativity
Fear of global warming, fear of starvation, mad and angry
It’s not true it’s all a conspiracy…mad, angry and afraid
Curse, swear, everything is wrong with the world
Breathing fast, walking fast, sinking in a sea of despair
The babies, growing up, mad and angry
Becoming…mad, angry and afraid
Flip the bird at every nuisance as though it’s a catastrophe
Cursing, swearing, knowing everything is wrong in the world
This is reality
Despair sinks in and takes hold

The miracle of a dandelion…

In the light, seeing hope, lost in a sea of possibility
Moved to action, addressing hunger, free and joyful
It’s true we can make a change…free, joyful and at peace
Sing, dance, everything is right with the world
Breathing slow, walking slow, floating in a sea of hope
The babies, growing up, free and joyful
Becoming…free, joyful and at peace
Smiling at every little annoyance, as that is all it is
Singing, dancing, knowing everything that is right with the world
This is reality
Joy sinks in and takes hold